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Spending a few minutes on the blog to customize it.  So far I am pleased with the simple look of the theme IMNews.  My last hosting service worked great until a year or maybe eighteen months ago and then it went down fast.  I changed host a few days ago and I am using it as an opportunity to change the focus of my site.

My former blog was about ham radio, Raspberry Pi and Python.  Now those topics will be in the background and my blog will focus on SAS, Python and Linux.  Very little time will be devoted to radio because the solar cycle is at its worst causing ham radio to be very tough.


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Other is a repository of all sorts of data, and their URL is For future SAS tutorials I will sometimes use their data sets. The first one will be  I don’t want to host the data set here because I want you to see the site for yourselves.

Subscribing to this Blog

Years ago before social media was huge it was common for people to join blog sites to engage with like-minded or oppositely-minded people.  With zero expectation of anyone joining my little blog I checked a box that allowed anyone to register as a user.  Within a few minutes a user registered …