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Years ago before social media was huge it was common for people to join blog sites to engage with like-minded or oppositely-minded people.  With zero expectation of anyone joining my little blog I checked a box that allowed anyone to register as a user.  Within a few minutes a user registered with an email address ending in .ru.  I had imagined I would get a few non-person users but not that fast.

WordPress has been hit pretty hard over the last few weeks with a number of exploits discovered.  I very quickly disabled that feature that lets anyone register and don’t believe any harm was done.

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Other is a repository of all sorts of data, and their URL is For future SAS tutorials I will sometimes use their data sets. The first one will be  I don’t want to host the data set here because I want you to see the site for yourselves.

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Spending a few minutes on the blog to customize it.  So far I am pleased with the simple look of the theme IMNews.  My last hosting service worked great until a year or maybe eighteen months ago and then it went down fast.  I changed host a few days ago …