Raspberry Pi (lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)

I submitted the following to start the update procedure on my Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu Mate. sudo apt-get update It returned: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) The fix was easy to perform but easy to forget as well: I navigated to the directory mentioned …


Tutorials on Linux

I recently started a series of videos on Linux with an emphasis on server administration (YouTube Playlist).  My plan to present this as a GUI-less venture was thwarted by the grainy look of the terminal window when recording. The first video shows how to install Ubuntu server as a guest …


SAS Tutorial 10 (Using Data and SAS Dates) [2018]

SAS Tutorial 10 (Using Data and SAS Dates) [2018] uses data from the web site. It is a great place to find free data sets for projects or just for programming practice. I discuss SAS dates from a high level but will cover them again as they need …


SAS Tutorial 7 (Size Matters) [2018]

SAS University Edition is a great place to learn about SAS. However, it does not have the capability to analyze big data. SAS 9.4, the commercial version of SAS, has that ability. But how much will SAS University Edition handle? Using data sets I made for testing purposes, the largest …


SAS University Edition and VirtualBox Issues

When I upgraded to VirtualBox 5.2.8 I lost the connection to the path “folders/myfolders”, but was able to use another path as a work-around. Now I am unable to get that path to work and I am searching for answers to this problem. My next attempt is to revert to …


SAS Tutorial 8 (Common SAS University Problem) [2018]

When you install SAS University Edition or sometimes after an update you get the following error message in VirtualBox. My Youtube video entitled Common SAS University Problem [2018] shows how to diagnose this problem and fix it. To fix this error you are forced to change some settings in your …


Raspberry Pi Tutorial (Raspbian Installation and Configuration) [2018]

My video (Raspbian Installation and Configuration) covers installation and configuration of Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3.  Note there are three common mistakes that are easy to make during configuration. Locale – Raspberry Pi has locale set to en_GB.  You should set it for your locale and for USA that …

Other is a repository of all sorts of data, and their URL is For future SAS tutorials I will sometimes use their data sets. The first one will be  I don’t want to host the data set here because I want you to see the site for yourselves.


SAS Tutorial 5 (Introduction to Permanent and Temporary SAS Data Sets) [2018]

In this video ( you will learn the difference between permanent and temporary SAS data sets. You can find the code here (SAS Tutorial 5).  


SAS Tutorial 4 (Introduction to Replications and PROC MEANS) [2018]

In this video ( I introduce replications (also called blocks or reps). I’ll cover that subject in great detail in a later video. PROC MEANS is presented as a tool for screening data for obvious mistakes and PROC SORT is shown to be necessary for BY statements. Data and code …