Temperature Readings

The temperature readings below are all from my amateur radio building known as the KE5PRL radio shack. Currently I have three Raspberry Pi credit card-sized computers (RPi-66, RPi-67 and RPi-100) running for various projects. Two DS18b20 temperture probes are attached to RPi-100. One probe is mounted inside the shack and another outside of the shack.

Raspberry Pi CPU temperature is available from the Raspberry Pi itself and I have some example code here. DS18b20 probes are also simple to poll and are explained here.

To make each temperature available from this web site I read the data with Python and write it to a small file that is then served out by Apache. KE5PRL.com imports html files from my local network and displays it in this page. The Python code for all of this is executed every ten minutes as a cron job. All code is written in Python 3.